So, What’s Here?

You may have been redirected here looking for old blog posts about a whole-house generator installation, a maple syrup evaporator, or another topic. I re-started this blog in March of 2018 and I am slowly migrating old posts over. Please try the search box and see if your intended topic is here. Thanks.

I’m a middle age chemist who works in health IT. I live in Massachusetts, love to make real slow-smoked BBQ, and have been a hiker and backpacker for more than 25 years. I paddle a sea kayak when I can and I love to play with technology. I build some things, occasionally fix some broken things, and prefer to be outside as much as possible. I’ve lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, and even in Wyoming for a short while. I’ve hiked and camped across the US, in Canada, and in several countries in Africa. Now I mostly spend time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and prefer to relax in my hammock rather than lay on the ground. Need to know more? Just ask.

In the pages of the Blog, you’ll find some DIY projects; talk about barbeque and meat; and some miscellaneous ramblings too. I originally started writing this back in 2008 and kept it up for six years until career pressure and other priorities pulled me away and I wrote nothing for four years. Now it’s time to get back to it.

You’ll also find some information about my work life, with links to headshots and a bio if you need that information.

Hopefully, I’ll get some more information about kayaking here, along with photography and other hobbies. There’s just never enough time to get to it all.